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Queen of the Holy Rosary Home School Community (HSC)

Queen of the Holy Rosary HSC (Home School Community) meetings are the 1st Monday of the month in the Religious Education Building.  Meets monthly, every first Monday of the month.

In years past, we have focused on the elementary aged students.  This year we are implementing a new group for the upper elementary, middle school, and high school students.  Consider joining us First Mondays.

The younger students (ages 3-11) will be rotating through various stations: Fine Arts (music and art appreciation), Drama/Story time, Crafts, PE/Recess, all centered around a theme (this year being the Miracles of Jesus).

Meanwhile, the older students will be engaging in their own focused lesson and skit and then completing a monthly service project (in which all of the families will be helping to provide items to accompany the projects).  Each month they will focus on a differentcorporal work of mercy.

I am hoping that this group can be the stable beginnings of a youth ministry program at Holy Rosary.  I know that when we allow our young people to work on something outside of themselves, together in community, their faith will deepen and friendships will blossom!!!

I know you are all very committed already, but I wanted to personally invite you to join us.  I do pray that we can have a stronger community at Holy Rosary, and I feel certain that God is allowing home school families to pave the way! If you are interested in joining us (as often or not as you like) please let me know via email so I can have snacks available for all and Catherine can have enough supplies.  You are more than welcome to come some or all of the time, as your schedule allows.

Do you home school or have young ones and want to be a part of this Vacation Bible School style monthly activity?  Please feel free to invite whomever else may be interested. Contact Jessica Counts