Second Collection for the Dominican Sisters of Houston

During the weekend of July 27-28 the sisters will be seeking donations for their mission school, San Vicente de Paul Bethania, located in Guatemala City. The sisters have spon­ sored this school since 1984 and support families with counseling, food, clothing, and medical and financial assistance as well as encouraging the importance of an education as a means to end living in poverty. More than 98% of the students graduate and continue on to high school and I or trade school. The families are asked to give what they can to support the school but the Dominican Sisters of Houston raise funds as well to continue to meet the needs of the more than 500 students and families in their care.

As part of the Archdiocesan Missionary Cooperative Plan, the Dominican Sisters of Hous­ton will give a mission appeal at each Mass for their mission school, San Vicente de Paul Bethania, which is located in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Guatemala City. Please be generous with the gifts with which you have been blessed.


Coming from different backgrounds and from across the area, we gather to worship and glorify God with the reverent celebration of the Mass, the sacraments, and the venerable traditions of our Catholic faith. Faithful to the Magisterium and our love of God and neighbor, we strive to live and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We gratefully return to God all that He has given us by using our gifts and talents to build up His Church, support our parish family, and welcome all who yearn for Christ.

Holy Rosary Parish was founded by the Dominican Friars in 1913 when they were invited by Bishop Nicholas A. Gallagher to serve the needs of 125 families living in what was then Houston’s south side.

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