VIRTUS Certification

Attention all adults, catechists, and parish volunteers. If you work with children, we have a program to equip adults who work with minors with the skills and information necessary to help prevent the abuse and exploitation of young people.  The program is REQUIRED if you work or volunteer with children in the parish.  It is administered by the Archdiocesan Office of Safe Environment. More information can be found here.

If you took a Virtus class 2003-2009 it’s time to renew! Go to and find a parish offering the refresher class called “Keeping the Promise Alive”. The refresher class is only about one and half hours. Anyone volunteering at the parish must be Virtus trained. If you are considering joining a parish ministry or becoming a catechist please take this class now so you will be ready to go in the future. There is no cost! If you have any questions contact Valerie Chase 713-529-4854 Ext. 102