Liturgical Tips

On Thursday, February 14, 2013, in a meeting with the parish priests and the clergy of Rome, Pope Benedict XVI shared some thoughts on the Second Vatican Council about the celebration of the liturgy. After describing the situation of the Church back then, he indicated that "now there was a rediscovery of the beauty, the profundity, the historical, human, and spiritual riches of the Missal and it became clear that it should not be merely a representative of the people, a young altar-server, saying 'Et cum spiritu tuo', and so on, but that there should truly be a dialogue between priest and people: truly the liturgy of the altar and the liturgy of the people should form one single liturgy, an active participation, such that the riches reach the people."

This dialogue occurs when the faithful participates in the liturgical hymns and songs, prayers, actions and responses that the liturgy calls for. In this way, the liturgy becomes the one action of the living Body of Christ.

If you would like to see the entire speech from Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, please visit: Meeting with the Parish Priests and the Clergy of Rome

Thank you,

-fr. Jorge Rátiva, O.P.