Religious' Corner

Our Dominican Church Family - A Parish Family that Prays for One Another


Praying for others, both the living and the dead, is one of our privileged rights and responsibilities as Catholic Christians. Intercessory prayer in the Dominican tradition guides many-if not most-of our prayers here at Holy Rosary. Our celebration of the Holy Mass, our daily recitation of the rosary, our lighting of the candles at the Altars' of Mary and St. Joseph are just a few ways that we pray for one another. We pray not only as a local community but also as a Dominican church family united with all our great Dominican saints represented in our beautiful stained glass.

We gather again this Christmas as a Dominican church family believing in the power of intercessory prayer and in the meaning of the birth of Jesus Christ. We have certainly been through a whirlwind of a year! In just a few months, we have gone from enduring a devastating hurricane to celebrating with joy becoming a "Champions City" 
(Go Astros!). Our homeless rate continues to drop, but our tent city on the comer of Milam and Alabama seems to be growing. As we celebrate with joy birth of our Lord, my prayer is that you and I continue to remember those who need our prayers the most this Christmas season: the poor, the mourning, and the suffering. Yes, praying for others may be the responsibility for
Catholic Christians, but the gifts of grace that we receive only increase our capacity to love one another and truly be a Dominican church family.

-br. James Martin Nobles, 0.P.