Religious' Corner

Our Church Family, Our Dominican Family


What does it mean for Holy Rosary Parish to be a Dominican church family? Does the presence of Dominican friars make Holy Rosary a Dominican parish? No! Rather, this parish is a Dominican parish because all of us, friars and laity alike, intentionally want to participate in a parish which
faithfully follows the charism of the Order of Preachers. Despite their call to be itinerant, God calls the friars to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to follow our Holy Father Dominic in this community through their preaching and pastoral care. You, the faithful, come to this parish not only because you want to hear good preaching, but also because there is something in the
Dominican charism which makes you feel closer to God. The Dominican charism of prayer, study, community, and preaching makes all of us feel "at home at Holy Rosary Parish" - a phrase I have heard often during my time here. Therefore, I would like to invite you over the months of December and January to reflect with me on what makes our prayer, study, community, and preaching so unique, so Dominican. My hope is that we may share the fruits of our contemplation with one another and grow in our identity as a Dominican church family, a family which prays, studies, communes, and preaches for and with one another.

-br. James Martin Nobles, O.P

Photos are of Holy Rosary's 'Blessing of the Cornerstone' ceremony on Feb. 5, 1933.