capital campaign

Capital Campaign

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I feel honored and blessed by the opportunity to serve as the Archbishop of this great local Church of Galveston-Houston. In so many ways this really is the Mother Church of Texas since it was from the shores of Galveston that our Catholic faith was proclaimed by missionaries over 175 years ago. Over my years of service to the faithful of our Archdiocese, I have witnessed the growth and expansion of our Catholic Church in our parishes. I have had the opportunity to baptize infants into the family of God. Together we have celebrated the coming of the Holy Spirit in confirmations. I have been privileged to ordain new permanent deacons to serve our diverse parish communities and to lay hands on those men who responded to God’s call to serve as His priests. Indeed the life of the Church is one of great promise and potential and I will continue to do my part, where the Lord guides me, to help continue this legacy of love and faith among our people.

As I look forward, I realize that more must be done today in order to preserve and protect our future. I am concerned about four key areas in our Archdiocese: St. Mary’s Seminary, Faith Formation, Catholic School Education and the specific needs of our local parishes.

Over the next few pages, I invite you to review the goals of the Campaign, to join me in embracing this wonderful challenge, and to do our part toward ensuring its success. St. Paul reminds us in the Second Letter to the Corinthians how, even in their extreme poverty, the Macedonians begged for the privilege to support the work of the Gospel in their time. These were a people of great faith in God’s Providence.

In the same way, I am trusting in God’s Providence that His saving work will continue through all of us in our IGNITE: Our Faith, Our Mission Campaign. I ask all of you to consider a sacrificial gift, over four years, that will have historic impact on the Church of Galveston-Houston for generations to come.

Finally, I ask each family to make this campaign a priority, offering your time and talents in your parish, and to include it in your personal intentions and prayers.

Thank you for your generosity and your faithfulness. May the grace of God the Father, the peace of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, fill you and always be with you.


Sincerely in Christ,

Daniel Cardinal DiNardo

Archbishop of Galveston-Houston