Other Centered Charty

Dear Parishioners and Visitors,

We have eyes that see and lungs that breathe because of grace. Without grace, God's intentional, unreserved, and undeserved gift to us, we could not see a parent's face, a rainbow, or take into our lungs the exquisite fragrances of Spring honeysuckle or Autumn's fallen leaves. In Luke's Gospel passage, we notice that it is good that the disciples beg for an increase in faith. Nonetheless, Jesus emphasizes not so much the volume of faith as He does the quality or
kind of faith. A tiny seed has great potential in it. To act on the mustard-seed faith we possess can uproot mulberry trees or sooth a broken heart. If the Holy Spirit inspires us, groans for us, pushes us to ask for what is good, then the seemingly impossible is possible. Moreover, by doing our daily work in serving with all our vigor, love, and hardiness, corporal and spiritual, Jesus graphically shows us that we still remain "unprofitable servants" because all we have, do
and are, is God's unwarranted gift to us. We cannot save ourselves; salvation exists in Jesus Christ in the Holy Trinity. 

Jesus' encouragement of us as disciples is as an Angelus reminding us each
day that all our capabilities for the good are to be "stirred into flame" (2 Tim. 1:6), that we might serve without being puffed up, seeking pats on the back, or otherwise being motivated by pride. The harvest of such a faith-filled response to God's infinite gratuity is humility, purity of intention, and other-centered charity.

Do not the faces of the rescue worker and child compose an icon of Christ's
own face?

In God's loving kindness,

—fr. Chris, O.P.