Christ's Profound Eternal Bounty


In nursing homes in Louisiana it is customary to have Mardi Gras day celebrations and a King of Mardi Gras is chosen from among the residents. There is a parade which proceeds from the hallway to the activities room or dining room, mostly in wheelchairs, where costumes of king & queen and their attendants are worn in all their festal, carnivalesque, juiced-up, mirthful array. No one is left out. This is a most joyful event for all involved and all varieties of Cajun, Italian, and Creole cuisine are served and no one is shy about availing themselves of all the delectable fit-for-king offerings. The traditions of Mardi Gras have deep roots in several cultures. Bright colorful necklace beads are tossed out to the eagerly awaiting crowds who treat them as great treasures to keep and to share. Unlike the one-day sparkle of Mardi Gras' superficial extravagances, Christ is King Eternal and bestows on us profound eternal bounty. 

In that Christ is our King, let us celebrate him as King of Love, Justice, Wisdom, and Mercy who governs by imparting these goods that we may share them with extravagance. Therefore, as disciples, sharing in Christ's Kingship by virtue of our baptism, let us rule with compassion using His gifts in our daily lives throughout this new liturgical year. And, as in all things Catholic, let us not fail to give thanks for all that this past liturgical year has brought us.

In God's loving kindness,

-fr. Chris, 0.P