Responding to God's Invitation

Dear Parishioners and Visitors,

King Ahaz was asked by the Lord to ask what he willed and Ahaz refused. He chose not to pursue the God who was pursuing him. Later, Ahaz, choosing egotism and self-centeredness, would die without a relationship with his Creator, the One Who had offered him life and countless opportunities to wisely shepherd the people.

One who did respond to God's invitation to accept His offer of assistance was Joseph. With his own call to be a good shepherd for his young wife Mary and the Child to be born, Jesus, Joseph did in fact respond to God's invitation, and, like Mary before him, acted as God willed. God spoke to Joseph in a dream.There are so many ways God speaks to us especially in our very families, our family here at Holy Rosary, and in the poor, including the widow, the orphan, and the stranger. Let us not shy away from a deeper relationship with God. We can only truly love and shepherd others, and allow ourselves to be shephered by others, if we allow ourselves to fall deeply in love with God.

Blessed Season of Advent!

-fr. Chris, O.P.