Lenten Family Journey

Dear Parishioners & Visitors,

The deepening of our prayer life in this pilgrimage of Lent brings with
it an opportunity for nourishment from other community members by
praying together. This past week a family invited me to their home for
the praying of the most holy rosary together. There were several families
who showed up for the rosary; we were so many that we prayed in chairs
and sofas, on a large throw rug, and on the hardwood floor too, basically,
wherever one could find a spot. It was a delightful and holy family
Lenten event furthering a deepening of our Holy Rosary faith experience
and traditions in one of our dear family’s home. Following our prayer,
everyone took part in refreshments and conversations aplenty filling the
living room, kitchen and dining room. For me, this occasion was one
which pulled me ever more deeply into getting to know parishioners
right where they live and raise their families. I am so very grateful for
the hospitality that surrounds praying together in our homes.

Because of events like this, I am experiencing the blessings of family
life where faith begins. On this Lenten journey, I continue to be humbled
by the marvelous ways that our families come together to share their
faith, to laugh, to encourage, and to know the experience of God resting
in our midst right at home. Jesus is present here.

Dear God, thank you for our holy families.

In God’s loving kindness,

—fr. Chris, O.P.