Join Us For A Wine Tasting

Dear Parishioners & Visitors,

Please join the Holy Rosary Dominican Friars next Sunday, February 28,
for a fantastic wine tasting at 6 p.m. in the Parish Hall. It’s hard to believe
that it is our 8th tasting, and each year it gets better. The support we’ve
received from Laura and George Pontikes has been incredibly gracious
and, we, Dominican Friars, are very grateful.

All proceeds go to the formation program of young Dominican Friars
studying for the priesthood who will eventually come to Holy Rosary as
ministers of the Gospel and the sacraments. Your participation is crucial
and appreciated, only with your support can we continue to educate these
young men to be preachers of God’s Word. You will also contribute to our
Dominican Friars who are infirm and are in need of constant medical care.

We, the Dominican Friars and Priests, remember our benefactors in our
daily prayers and in our Mass intentions. We are so very grateful for you.

Head Sommelier Steven McDonald, from Pappas Bros. Steak House,
will select and explain exquisite wines from the Pontikes’ Family magnificent
cellar and there will be wonderful hors d’oeuvres and a great dinner
buffet. Chef Patrick McCray and sommelier Thomas Moësse, from divino
Italian Restaurant, are selecting a few wines to auction during the evening.
Last but not least, Mr. Filip Blachnio, finishing his PhD in piano performance
at Rice University, will serenade us as we gather to share choice
wines, great food, and fellowship.

Let’s celebrate with the Dominican Friars and toast 800 years of preaching
the Gospel. May God continue to bless you with generous hearts.
In St. Dominic, Preacher of Grace,

—fr. Juan M. Torres, O.P.