Annual Marian Day Procession

Dear Parishioners & Visitors,

Our annual Marian Day procession and Mass was a most solemn, joyful,
and well-attended evening with the wind blowing strongly and refreshingly
against our faces as we praised God in His wonderful graces and in
His gift to us of Our Blessed Mother. This was my first year to be a part
of our Marian Day procession and liturgy and I was overcome with the
goodness of it all and the unity experienced was palpable. After the procession
and immediately prior to the Eucharist, balloons by the hundreds
were released into the air. Fr. Anthony Hung Tran, O.P., my good brother
and friend, who preached, asked that I release the first balloon boquet with
prayers attached. I did release the bouquet and it flew right smack into the
nearest tree, whereupon one in the congregation retrieved the bouquet’s
ribbon and sent it on its way to the heavens. It takes a village to help send
a bouquet of prayer-laden balloons into the sky!

May God continue to grace our beloved community of Holy Rosary
with the extravagance we have received in our diversity. AMEN!

In The Holy Spirit,

—fr. Chris, O.P.