Solemnity of the Ascension

Dear Parishioners & Visitors,

Jesus said: “You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you,
and you will be my witnesses … to the ends of the earth.” Acts 1:8 This Solemnity
of the Ascension affirms that we, as an Asian, African, European,
& Latin American community of faith here at Holy Rosary, process out
from the Sacraments instituted by Jesus Christ to further witness to Him
as did those who actually witnessed the Ascension of Jesus into heaven.

We also witness to the love of God in our mothers who have carried
us since conception and nurtured us into becoming faith filled witnesses
to Christ Ascended. Thank You, our dearest mothers, for your loving
acceptance of God’s mission to give life as God wills. We are grateful for
the times we were joyful and you encouraged our childhood crayon art
drawings, and also for the times when you taught us prayers as well as
for the times when we were sick with a fever and you helped to make
us feel better. Our Blessed Mother Mary joins us in celebrating you in
following her way of motherhood.

In Christ ascended,

—fr. Chris, O.P.