God is There with Us

Dear Parishioners & Visitors,

When my father came home from work, my younger sister Sally and I would listen for him as he made his way up from his car to the front door steps. Then, he would walk in the door and we would both run up to him and he would lift us both up and hug us at the same time and we did the same in return. He was an automobile mechanic and we didn't care if he was greasy-shirted or had dirty hands because we just loved him terribly and wanted him to be welcomed home. My sister and I are so grateful for our father's abiding, ever-present, and eager love for us.

Blessed and Joyous Fathers Day! God our Father in heaven is ever-eager to have us run to Him jumping into His loving, forgiving, and welcoming embrace. No matter what cross we may be bearing at present in coopera- tion with Jesus' call to bear that cross, God is there with us.

In God's loving kindness,

fr. Chris, O.P.