God Seeks Us Out

Dear Parishioners and Visitors,

The lost & found department figures largely in Luke’s Gospel: lost sheep, lost coin, lost son ~ and, all found. Ultimately, each of these parables has to do with the joy God has in those who repent of their sinfulness. Moreover, each of these three parables is a “community” story. That is, when what or who has been lost and then found, the one who finds calls in family and friends to celebrate and rejoice. In his most recent book, Jesus and the Prodigal Son, by Dominican Father Brian Pierce, O.P., the author writes of how Jesus becomes suspect because he dines with tax collectors and sinners. Fr. Brian writes: “Jesus tells three parables … in response to criticisms regarding His spontaneous practice of eating with a rather disreputable group of friends.”

Is not there the “disreputable” in each of us because of unclean choices? God seeks us out, welcomes us back to a new beginning, and then throws an extravagant party. The son who remains at home becomes embittered and refuses to rejoice in his brother come home and in fact will not even refer to him as his brother. Therefore, the father of the two sons attempts to reason with the disgruntled son who refuses to celebrate the return of his brother. Like that father in the parable, God encourages us to celebrate the Good News in each other’s lives. Hence, we are not to make provision for jealousy, revenge, petty destructive gossip, or begrudging others their accomplishments. It is better to be a part of the joy in encouraging others not only in their sufferings and challenges but also in their joys. We can all understand and know the reality of feeling lost, ashamed, and disconnected.

On September 11, 2001, a terrorist attack against our nation brought death & destruction. On this, the 15th Anniversary of this horrific and profoundly sad & disturbing event, we mourn the victims killed & injured. Let us remember the fallen, including so many who gave their lives in attempting to rescue others.

In God’s loving kindness,

—fr. Chris, O.P.