Fish for Our Neighbor

Dear Parishioners and Visitors,

Jesus' voice with His welcoming words, His clear inner peace & self-confidence must have combined to impress Simon & Andrew, James & John to such depth that they responded to Jesus at once and followed Him. Jesus moved them to change course. 

In our lives on pilgrimage here at Holy Rosary in continuing to follow Jesus we did not necessarily begin as fishermen or fisherwomen. Nonetheless, we are called to fish for our neighbor, in the midst of his or her joys & sufferings, virtues & vices. What is the bait we use to entice the fish?! The very welcoming love of Christ Himself. 

One of Jesus' fishermen was our former Pastor, Fr. Victor Brown, O.P., who passed away this past January 9th. He was known for his encouragement of vocations to our Dominican religious life as well as his encouragement of education for the children of Holy Rosary Parish. As current Pastor, I am offering an opportunity to contribute to both the education of our seminarians and children of the parish. Donations in the form of checks can be made out to: 

The Father Victor Brown, O.P. Educational Memorial Gift

Cash donations can be placed in an envelope using The Father Victor Brown. O.P. Educational Memorial Gift. Whatever is given, therefore, will go equally to our Dominican Seminarians' education fund and to our Holy Rosary Children's education fund. You may place these in the collection basket or bring to the parish office. Thank you so very much!

In God's loving kindness,

-fr. Chris, O.P.