Search Out the Light


Dear Parishioners and Visitors, 

The Jewish King Herod proved to be a villain in the history of Israel. He was not a faithful Jew due to his murderous, vulgar, corrupt ways throughout his life and reign. Enter wise men from foreign lands who come to do homage to a newborn king, Jesus. They brought gifts and bent their heads in humble respect for this King, and, they were "overjoyed at seeing the star." News of this new King did not cause them alarm or murderous desire; rather, they chose to rejoice as they knew that the radiance and brightness of the star meant something wondrous and world-changing was occurring. To adore God is to search out the light in each person and to give God thanks for the gift of life that each person is and that each person offers. Let us bend our heads in gratitude to God for all the wise people who have drawn us close to the healing, life-giving radiance of Christ.

Joyous Epiphany!

-fr. Chris, O.P.