The Wedding Feast and the Kingdom of Heaven


Dear Parishioners & Visitors, 

It is hard to believe that someone would reject, ignore or annihilate an invitation from a King to his son's wedding. For many, that kind of invitation would be a great honor. For others, it would be just impossible that a King would extend such an invitation to them. Those who were supposed to be the guests of the king blatantly refused the invitation. As a response, the king opens the invitation to anyone in the streets. Still, one of them showed up without the proper garments to celebrate the wedding ignoring how important the event is for the King. What does this have to do with the Kingdom of Heaven?

It seems that by the refusal to attend the banquet, the guests were trying to control the King. The Kingdom of heaven is like a wedding feast. The king himself is the one who chooses the guests. Still there is a constant rejection to accept the invitation. Nevertheless, the king insists in his invitation. Some guests decide to ignore the invitation. Other guests that were invited took more radical measure, they mistreated and killed the emissaries from the King.

In a similar way, God is the one who takes the initiative to invite all peoples to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. He constantly insists in his invitation. If there is no positive answer from those invited, he opens the invitation to anyone who wants to enter, as the parable says ''bad and good alike." 

Accepting the invitation requires from the guests that they do some preparation and wear the appropriate garments indicating the honor, respect and gratitude for the hosts as well as for the occasion. This preparation demonstrates how important the Kingdom of heaven is for us. This preparation also indicates what is the place of God in our lives. 

This Sunday's Liturgy of the Word invites all to take a closer look the moments when God is inviting us to enter more fully and deeply into his Kingdom. What is my response to his invitation? Am I willing to change my garments and be clothed with the garments of Christ to enter the banquet?

-fr. Jorge Rátiva, O.P.