Responding to the Call of the Lord


Dear Parishioners & Visitors,

Two weeks ago we held the yearly Ministry Fair for the parish. After we were done and the volunteers left, one unanswered question remained in my mind. I knew the volunteers had put in long hours and had done their best to invite parishioners to join one of the many parish ministries. I realized it was not because of their lack of enthusiasm, but could we call the Ministry Fair a success?

Every Christian community rests on the shoulders of a few, most of them volunteers, who are willing to provide for the needs of many. Their efforts are at the heart of every parochial activity. Their generosity in sharing their time and talent proclaim to all of us their liberality and their love for the Lord and this community.

This Sunday's Gospel reading reminds all of us of the many gifts bestowed upon us by the Lord. Nobody can claim that they have not been gifted. Certainly not all have been gifted in an equal manner; but all of us, without exception have been gifted in one way or another. The Lord is always splendid with those who love Him.

The Gospel this Sunday challenges us to think about how we can administer the gifts we have received. Do we make them profitable or do we, like the insecure man in the Gospel, bury them; afraid of not knowing what to do with them?

Christ Jesus became the servant of all, so that we would know how to become servants. Ministries within a Christian community become the measure of our love and commitment to the Lord. The imitation of Christ is always an imitation of his service. True devotion is always reflected in the love and service we share with others.

Let us not be timid in responding to the call of the Lord. Do we listen to the call or do we run away from it? We have all been gifted; let us share the treasure of those gifts with our brothers and sisters, knowing that whatever we do for them, we are doing for the Lord.

-fr. Alberto Rodriguez, O.P.