Advent - The Season of Realignment

Dear Parishioners & Visitors,

Every owner of a car is aware of the need for the proper alignment of the tires. Without proper alignment the possibility of controlling the direction of our driving is severely diminished; and the chances of greater wear and tear of the tires are proportionally increased. Proper alignment allows us to reach our destination safely and promptly no matter what kind of weather we encounter on the roads.

As we begin the new liturgical year today, this First Sunday of Advent, we are all given a chance to look into our lives, at all levels, and realize our need of realignment. Advent is the time of the liturgical year when we are all invited to look and focus on the direction and purpose of our lives. Contrary to some peoples' misconceptions, Advent is much more than a simple preparation of the Christmas season. During the Advent season we are invited not only to prepare for the commemoration of the Lord who came, but also to prepare for the Lord who will come again at the end of time. Moreover, beyond the first and last coming of the Lord, in Advent we prepare for the daily encounters with the Lord who constantly is meeting with us throughout our lives.

Advent is a season of realignment. A time of the year to question ourselves on our fidelity to the Lord who came and taught us how to live. A time of the year to question ourselves about our ability to recognize the Lord when he arrives at his last coming and be accountable for our lives. A time of year to question ourselves about our ability to recognize the Lord in the daily encounters of our lives, when he approaches us in the persons of our brothers and sisters.

Let us make this Advent season a time of realignment in our lives. Let us come ready to cry out with the whole Church: "Marantha! Come, Lord Jesus, come!"

-fr. Alberto Rodriguez, O.P