Deep into the Spirit of the Law

Dear Parishioners and Visitors,

When an air traffic controller receives a call from a pilot coming in for landing there are only three things the controller wants to know: "Who are you?", "Where are you?", and "What do you want?" The controller is not interested in the pilot's preferences in pets, dentle chart history, or what college the pilot's daughter is attending. So that the pilot may arrive with his or her passengers safely, the pilot must answer only what is vital. 

In teaching His disciples, Jesus takes them deep into the spirit of the Law. Jesus fulfills the law and, in so doing, exhorts them to be clear in communicating their faith, hope, and charity. More than "Yes"! or "No"!, thwarts the truth-no wishy-washy, weak-kneed "alternative psuedo­doctrinal facts." Jesus Is The Truth. Be committed to what you believe, what you hope for, and give your love generously, all in Jesus Christ. 

In our life in Christ our identity is in Him, our path is with Him, and our desire is to make Him known through our extravagance in giving ourselves away to others so that they know how profoundly they are loved.

In God's loving kindness,

-fr. Chris, 0.P.