Communication in Our Community Life

Dear Parishioners and Visitors,

Communicating well here at Holy Rosary is integral to our community life and Christian discipleship. Bettering communication among us is always good since we now have a recently updated parish website and other technological advances. Many have worked tirelessly to help update our website. This bulletin in your hand is one of the tools we use and there are several staff members involved in its weekly creation.

We have several entities which function in and around our Parish and which are also integral to the life of Holy Rosary. For example, the Gala Committee and all of its volunteers help in creating an annual event which honors those who are striving to live the Gospel as St. Martin de Porres, a Dominican Friar, who cared for the most poor, including slaves, in and around Lima, Peru. Plus, the corporal & spiritual works of mercy are thriving here at Holy Rosary, in our Archdiocese, and in Houston overall. Another entity is of course, our Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston which guides and supports us under the leadership of our chief ecclesial shepherd, His Emminence Daniel Cardinal DiNardo.

This leads me to say that, after consultation, I am asking for two very tech-savvy volunteers to come forward and be willing to help our Holy Rosary website become outstanding. Such volunteers could work from their home or from our offices and it shouldn't take more than a few hours a week. If you think you'd like to serve in this capacity here at Holy Rosary in assisting our website technical manager, please contact Mrs. Valerie Chase, Special Projects Coordinator, or Mr.Juan Maldonado, Business Manager. We could use a team on this since one of the exciting things we'd like to do is expand our website communication to include spiritual guidance, teaching, and preaching. Included in this, we would also like to ensure the posting of up-to-date financial information, including the regular fundraising that normally takes place in a parish. Also, links would be provided for the fundraising for our annual Gala events and for the fundraising for Holy Rosary's part in assisting our Archdiocese in varied ways, especially with the IGNITE Campaign which is presently raising fw1ds for Catholic Education, including the refurbishment of St. Mary's Seminary.

One final communication note: Our last parish directory was published on the occasion of our 2013 Centennial. I would like us to create another parish directory in both hard-bound and electronic forms. The new album, depending on each family's or individual's preference, would feature both photo and contact information. We are now gearing up for getting the ball rolling on the scheduling of photo shoots and the other details of putting this album together.

In God's loving kindness,

-fr. Chris, 0.P.