Springtime in the Church

Dear Parishioners and Visitors,

Lent is Springtime in the Church and the Season of Spring also tends to coincide with some of the weeks of Lent. Spring is a time of liquidation and cleansing of that which is either no longer necessary in our lives or shouldn't have been necessary in our lives to begin with.

When the Samaritan woman went to draw water from the well that day her life changed because of her encounter with Jesus. This was the truth not because she came to the realization that He was a prophet or because He might be "The Christ"; rather, her faith came to life and blossomed because Jesus invited her to adjust her life of instability in the moral realm and to live in union with her deepest longings to be a friend of God in Jesus Christ.

Because of her testimony to the people of her town, even considering her fledgling faith in Jesus, the woman did make a difference. Thus, with faith the size of a new blade of Spring grass or a baby finch, she becomes a missionary pulling others into the Truth, namely, Jesus. Jesus would remain with or "abide v'.rith" that community of Samaritans demonstrating that God wishes that we abide with Him always. Most assuredly, the woman would thereafter make progress in her burgeoning faith to abide in the Truth by living a moral and just life.

As we encounter The Christ Who wills to abide in us in the midst of this sacred season of Lent, let us be unafraid as we liquidate unhealthy sinful ways and choose rather to better notice the goodness in our neighbors sprouting up all around.

In God's loving kindness,

-fr. Chris, O.P