Species of Temptations

Dear Parishioners and Visitors,

We are tempted to be self-sufficient; to be free from God's will and to be our own god. Jesus was tempted to be self-sufficient and to be free from God the Father. Jesus refused to exert power over stones, or to throw Himself down and be lifted up by angels, or to have the belongings of all earthly kingdoms. And he told Satan, "Get away!"

Jesus loved us, loves us, and will always love us. It is His way that we follow. There are all species of temptations and it is true that we are to be steadfast in our faith and therefore, vigilant against grasping for power in any form.

Lent is a holy, blessed, penitential and joyous pilgrimage deep into the life of Jesus by peering deep into our own intentions and motivations for what we say and do. Sometimes, we are tempted to see ourselves as more just or good or merciful than others and this is a surefire entrance into sin. Such sinfulness wastes our God-given energies; therefore, we, as the prophet Joel writes: "Rend your hearts, not your garments." There is no room for bragging about our accomplishments and in doing so posturing for affirmation. Such posturing is nothing less than gross spineless immaturity. Our mission is not to be needy for applause for such arrogant and self-serving desire is not Olristian. Moreover, if we attempt in thousands of varied and subtle ways to garner praise for ourselves then where will be our energy for the good of others and the good of our relationship with God?

Let us say "No!" to Satan's lies as we say "Yes!" to Jesus' truth.

In God's loving kindness.

-fr. Chris, 0.P