Jesus Is Risen!

Dear Parishioners and Visitors,



From darkness into light is the repeated theme of the gospel of John. In the dark of morning, Mary Magdalene "saw the stone removed from the tomb" then ran immediately to tell the disciples. As Peter and the beloved disciple arrived at the site of Jesus' burial place, after having been told the message from Mary Magdalene, they began to notice, ever so incrementally, the truth of the empty tomb: Jesus ls Risen!

The seemingly permanent darkness of lies, sin, and death has been abolished and the brilliant, dazzling light of eternal truth, life, and virtue is given to all in The Resurrection. Resurrection light is the life-giving and life-creating light of a star, of the clear and reinvigorating morning sun, and of the light penetrating in glorious soft array through the tall pines and sequoias of the forest even to the forest floor.

Together, let us bask and dance with a holy resplendent joy at the arrival of this Easter Day and Season where we can be renewed, refreshed, and ready to become ever more luminously the Light of Christ in our world.

In the Light Who Is Christ,

-fr. Chris, O.P.