Friend of the Humble

Dear Parishioners and Visitors,

Two of Jesus' disciples were distraught & preoccupied by the passion and death of Jesus the Nazarene, whom they considered a prophet. They were also mystified by the report of the women disciples who had astonishing news about Jesus' body being gone from the tomb and visions of angels as well. The two followers walking down the country road to the town of Emmaus proved to be good listeners as they took in all the words and teaching of Jesus Resurrected, yet themselves not realizing it was Jesus. Moreover, they were so very open and warm in their generous reception of and hospitality to this scripturally adept traveler who was a stranger to them. As they sat together for a meal something very astounding and breathtaking occurred in the simple gesture of the "stranger" breaking bread.

One never knows the rich harvest that can occur through virtuous ways, such as offering hospitality of some kind to a stranger. It is often in the widow, the orphan, and the stranger where Jesus shows up in our lives.

Do I have a chair for Jesus at the table?

In Christ's Resurrected Light,

-fr. Chris, O.P