One God in Three Persons

Dear Parishioners and Visitors,

Jesus assures us, His 21st century disciples, that if we want life forever with Jesus, then we must choose to lose our lives in Him. Even those loves of our lives that cause us to experience profound joy, love, and harmony of spirit, while these are good, holy, and God-given, are not to be preferred over Jesus Himself. Consider for a moment our varied relationships which develop in our Parish of Holy Rosary: these relationships are based on our love for our One God in Three Persons, which includes the One Who feeds us with His very Word & Body and Blood, namely, Jesus. And, Jesus does not say or imply that we lose our families and friendships; rather, He encourages us to find our truest identity in Him. 

During this past week I have been in Rome, Italy, at our international priory named for Saint Sabina, an early Christian. The Basilica of Santa Sabina was founded between the years 422 and 432. St. Dominic, founder of the Order of Preachers, the Dominicans, lived the final years of his life here and his life belonged to Christ, Son of The Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth. Notice this image of a beautiful and very old wood carving of Mary and her Son, both appearing large and regal in comparison to St. Dominic and many other Blesseds and Saints surrounding her. This carving is on the back wall of St. Dominic's cell, or room, which is quite small One can notice the dark wood above the carving which is the original wood ceiling of his room.

It has been in this very room that I have prayed for you during this 10-day visit in Rome at Santa Sabina, as well as at daily Mass in the Basilica. I am reminded of how deeply connected I feel toward you in the love of Jesus Christ. The harvest of losing ourselves in Jesus is that we are united with each other in gathering around Jesus and His Mother and being united in such a way that we move together in living the Gospel. There's also a call to humility in this scene, since no one need jockey for position in competition with another sister or brother who "loses" himself or herself in Christ Jesus. Being lost in Satan begets Death; being lost in Christ begets Life.

Nella verita delle parole di Gesit, (In the truth of Jesus' words)

-fr. Chris, 0.P.