The Questions of Jesus


Dear Parishioners & Visitors,

In the Gospel accounts we constantly find questions from those who ]listened to Jesus and from Jesus himself. Jesus knew that questions can lead us to a greater understanding of who we are and what we do. Most importantly, questions can lead us to face truth.

Right before Jesus asked the chief priests and the elders of the people about their opinion in reference to the parable of the two sons, they were questioning his authority saying, "by what authority are you doing these things? And who gave you this authority?" Initially, Jesus responded to them by asking them another question relating to the origin of John the Baptist. To this, the chief priests and the elders of the people, after considering the consequences of their responses, decided to tell Jesus that they did not know. Because of their response Jesus replied, "Neither shall I tell you by what authority I do these things."

Still, Jesus offers a parable for them to think about the authority of Jesus. To introduce it, Jesus asked them, ''What is your opinion?'' After expounding upon the parable he posed another question: "Which of the two did his Father's will?" To which they responded "The First." In this way, Jesus led them to recognize by whose authority he is doing these things. The origin of his authority is God, the Father whom Jesus is obeying and from whom He comes. Now they have an answer to understand better who Jesus is and why his actions are thus. Some of his listeners will resist this truth, others will start to follow him.

-fr. Jorge Rátiva, O.P.