The Best of Our Christian Vocation


"On that very day all the springs of the great deep broke through, 
and the sluices of heaven opened. 
It rained on the earth for forty days and forty nights."
- Genesis 7:11-12

Last week we also experienced our own version of the flood. The city of Houston and our own parish experienced the consequences of an unrelenting rain, which in many cases, invaded our homes touching lives and destroying property and preciously saved memories. 

It is in these moments of tragedy when the best of our Christian vocation is shown forth. Many of you generously responded to the calls for assistance and helped in rescue operations, shelter assistance, and cleaning projects. You gathered as God's chosen ones around those sisters and brothers who were hurting and were .in need of your love and support. Holy Rosary has proved to be what we knew all along: We are a Christian community called to love and to serve one another empowered by our faith and our sharing of the Body and Blood of Christ. 

The task ahead of us is a long term one. Families in our faith community need to rebuild their lives and their homes. This is a long term commitment and we cannot slack in our determination to be of support to them as they reconstruct flooded homes and discover new memories to be preciously kept. 

We are one in the Lord; and what binds us together are His love and His presence among us.

May the peace of the Lord remain always with us!

-fr. Alberto Rodriguez, 0.P.