I Will Appoint Shepherds

Dear Parishioner and Visitors,

                     I will appoint shepherds for them who will shepherd them so that they need no longer fear and tremble; and non shall be missing, says the Lord- Jeremiah 23:4

"I will appoint shepherds,... says the Lord." Today's reading of the prophet Jeremiah shows clearly the divine nature of the call to be a shepherd in times of great need. According to the reading, some shepherds in Jeremiah's time lost sight of the nature and purpose of their call. They were defining their ministry of shepherding in terms of the world and not in terms of God. This led them to shift their call's purpose. They were not taking care of the people, but of themselves. For a shepherd it is crucial to always be aware of the nature and purpose of his call. This awareness is what helps the shepherd to be grateful, to remain centered in the mission, and of course to be generous

We have bore witness to this shepherd's generosity in the last couple of weeks here at Holy Rosary. Several priests from the Archdiocese and from the Dominican Order have been assisting with confessions, the celebration of the Holy Mass, and other pastoral needs. From the Archdiocese- Msgr. James Anderson, Fr. T.J. Dolce, Fr. Luke Millette, Fr. Richard Wahl, Fr. Mitchell Dowalgo, And Fr. Matthew Suniga,. From the Order of Preachers- Fr. Charlie Johnson, Fr. Marty Iott, Fr. Hung Tran, Fr. Juan Torres, Fr. Armando Ibanez, and Fr. Long Tran. For this coming week, Fr. Art Kirwin will also come from Atlanta to help us with our ministires. It is very edifying to see all these priests taking time apart from their regualr schedules and ministries to assist us with the liturgical and pastoral care of the parish. I ask the parishioners to join me in keeping these shepherds in our prayers in gratitude to their faithfulness to their call and for their service to the Church.

-Fr. Jorge Rativa, O.P.