4th Luminous mystery of the Rosary.

Dear Parishioners and Visitors,

March 17, 2019

Today's Gospel recounts the mystery of the Transfiguration (4th Luminous mystery of the Rosary). Jesus went up the mountain to pray along with Peter, James, and John. While He is praying, the face of Jesus changed in appearance, his clothes became dazzling white. Moses and Elijah appeared and conversed with Him.

The Transfiguration reveals Jesus as the fulfilment of the Law and the Prophets, represented by Moses and Elijah. He is the Messiah of the Jews and the fulfilment of the covenant. All that God sought to accomplish in the Jewish people becomes a reality in Jesus who is, in His person, personal union between God and man.

The Transfiguration reveals the divinity of Jesus. Though fully man, He is also God, who lives in the splendor of eternal light. He is the Son of God in whom the Father is well pleased. All united with Him in His humanity, through the grace of the sacraments, will share in His divine glory. That union includes death and resurrection. Only those who bear the Cross may hope to wear His glorious crown.

Jesus wanted to show His disciples the goal of following Him. Though they would encounter hardship, persecution, and suffering, they will win the prize of victory. It is not an easy road. It requires continual effort. But the Transfigured life that awaits them will make the struggle worth it.

Abraham foreshadowed the call of a disciple of Jesus. God called Abraham to leave this world and journey to a new, promised land. God sealed His covenant by sacrifice. We hear about it in today's 1st reading from the Book of Genesis. The animal sacrifice symbolized how Abraham would die to this world and live according new life. His change in name-from Abram to Abraham-symbolized this new life. God would always be with him to help him.

At Baptism God made a similar covenant with each oi us. He promised to give us new life. The name we receive at Baptism symbolizes this new life. It means leaving this world of sin and journeying to the promised land of heaven.

Such a journey is impossible without the grace the Lord gives us in the Eucharist. It is the bread of life-food for the journey. It is a pledge of future glory. Only the grace of the Eucharist allows us to attain the Transfigured life in the midst of life's oppositions.

-fr. Greg Maturi, O.P