Blessed Palm Sunday! Holy Week has begun

Dear Parishioners and Visitors,

April 14, 2019

Blessed Palm Sunday! Holy Week has begun. This week we commemorate, in a special way, Christ's passion, death, and resurrection. On Thursday we commemorate his institution of the liturgical celebration of his death and resurrection, namely the Eucharist and Priesthood . On Friday we commemorate his sacrificial death on the Cross. On Saturday evening we commemorate his resurrection from the dead.

As we commemorate these mysteries we recall especially the humility by which Jesus accomplished them. Though he is God, Jesus emptied himself and became a man. Though he is king, he rode on a donkey. Though he is master, he took the form of a slave.

Jesus is the master of humility. We who wish to follow him need to imitate his humility. 

Humility entails, first and foremost, obedience to the truth. We need to live according to God's wisdom. Only then may we come to know the truth about ourselves and the gifts God has given us.

The opposite of humility is pride. Out of pride Adam and  Eve refused to follow God's wisdom. As a result, they brought  sin into the world. Jesus overcame sin by his humble obedience to God even unto death on the Cross. Because of his humility Jesus was able to accomplish what human pride cannot, namely our reconciliation with God.

The world does not know the truth because it does not value humility. But we who follow Jesus in humility know the truth. We are committed to it. We admire the saints who sacrificed everything for it. The Lord calls us to do the same.

By our Baptism we have died to this world and have been given new life in Christ. Through our liturgical celebration of the Lord's passion and death, we grow in that new life. Moreover, the grace of the Eucharist moves us to work humbly for the building up Christ's body, the Church, so that more people will come to know the forgiveness of sin and new life in Christ.

-fr. Greg Maturi, O.P