Reflection on the Sunday Scriptures

HOW DO YOU SEE YOUR GOD? Or, WHAT IS THE FACE OF GOD FOR YOU LIKE? Or, WHAT KIND OF A GOD IS THE GOD YOU BELIEVE IN? Around those questions we could have a full dissertation and in depth discussion and still come up with just a glimpse of this supreme reality in our life that we call GOD, We are aware that our concept, our image of God is formed from many sources: Our parents, our family, our teachers, from insights from a friend, a priest, a religious sister or brother, a thought that has been imprinted in our minds upon reading a special book, from an experience of faith or tradition .... Many are indeed these fonts that, step by step, have configured for us the
IMAGE that we now have and feel comfortable possessing while addressing the most intimate and personal needs of our soul.

In trying to comprehend and approach the reality of God, since there are no words to define Him, we naturally, as human beings, tend to use anthropomorphic images that are consonant with our reality as human beings. Also, as thinkers, we borrow from the great thinkers and philosophers, especially of ancient times, Aristotle and Plato, who gave us an entry into a reality that has been said to be inexpressible, incomprehensible, invisible, and ungraspable. Their philosophical concepts of PERSON, NATURE, SUBSTANCE, RELATIONS, PROCESSIONS etc., are words with a specific meaning in our reality, which help us in some way to visualize this IMAGE of God.

Ultimately, though, we cannot even start to comprehend this divine mystery. The heavens and its wonders, the universe and all its beauty, the perfection we see in nature, the origin of everything that is created, all will help our reason to give an answer to the eternal question of WHO CREATED THE UNIVERSE. But we must find the eternal answers about life by going to a different level. It is the level of FAITH. And that Faith will certainly illumine many of the obscurities and difficulties which otherwise would remain insoluble.

Our God is revealed in the Hebrew Scriptures in many ways, most of them offering an image of proximity to the people of Israel that this God-Yahweh had chosen as the people he would protect and lead and from whom, in the fullness of time, he would send his only Son, to be born of David's line of the Virgin Mary. This God revealed Himself as creator, leader, warrior, consoler, forgiver, companion, savior, guide, Lord, king but also as a parent who will take care of his children, the people of Israel, commanding them to be faithful to the Covenant they had sworn to keep.

This Covenant with Noah, Abraham, Moses, the Prophets, was broken many times But this God, will not be outdone in generosity and forgiveness to those who showed a repentant heart. And again, the fullness of life will be promised which in time will be realized in the VERY LIFE OF GOD, given to us in the person of Jesus who embodies those FEATURES of the revealed God and makes it PERSONAL for us. This Lord and King also will dispense immense MATERNAL LOVE, as we see by the images of today's First Reading (Isaiah 66: 10-14). Elsewhere in Isaiah we are given a great image of the Father's love for us: "Even if a mother forgets the children of her womb, I will never forget you," (Is. 49: 15). A loving God who is our Father who loves us with the tenderness of a Mother.

What might be your favorite FACE of God? Only you know.

May the FACE of God and his Peace be the first thing we see when we depart from this earthly life,

—Fr. Vicente