Reflection on the Sunday Scriptures

What do you treasure most in life? That could be a question all of us could ask ourselves in our daily reflections. And I am sure everything that we do is consciously or unconsciously directed toward this entity we have taken our time in delineating for ourselves and for our families. Sometimes we speak of prioritizing our value system so that we do not put the cart before the horse as the saying goes. There are goals one endeavors to follow and to aspire to and our happiness as human beings depends most of the time on the achievement of these solid and life giving goals. Yes, priorities do help all to stay focused on what is important and highly valued.

This Sunday's Gospel from Luke (12: 32-48) connects us with these values of higher order we wish to pursue. Luke in his narrative calls them TREASURES. Where are our treasures? What ARE our treasures? Jesus utters these words: "Wherever your treasure is there your heart will be" (v. 34). Usually when we speak of TREASURES we speak of gold or other precious metals one finds or one buys. There are gems and jewelry to be possessed and admired and at times lost or stolen because they are valuable. SAFES have been invented to guard such treasures and even that, experience and history tells us, has not been enough to secure what people guard as their great treasures.

But a treasure can also describe something else even more beautiful or more perfect: A child is a treasure, a wife, a husband, a friend are treasures. Even in the Old Testament we read the axiom that "whoever has found a friend has found a treasure" (Sirach 6: 14). But a treasure is surely the presence of each one here in this community as we minister to one another in love. Their very presence at a Sunday Eucharist is a source of blessings and an inspiration for each of us as we depend on all members to be faithful to share the same values that we hold dear as individuals or as a family, and we come together and find them here again and again. It is in this treasure of presence and affirmation of our Catholic Faith, Sunday after Sunday, that we TREASURE one another and celebrate as community of Faith, Love, and Worship.

From the very beginning of Creation, the sacred author has manifested our very value as God's creation. Our Father God, Creator of the universe, the Bible says, saw everything that was created and pronounced it GOOD (Genesis 1: 33). In the second reading of this Sunday we see St. Paul extolling the beauty of the descendants of Abraham and Sarah in the Faith that the Apostle Paul treasures. This connection with the divine is truly a GIFT from God who has shown great MAGNANIMITY even after the fall of our parents, Adam and Eve, and even after His COVENANT of love was broken again and again by our ancestors and by us, our God is always there FAITHFUL to His Promises. We are indeed the TREASURES He seeks after to possess completely.

And so, we come back to the very question: What is YOUR treasure? We may answer differently but we must acknowledge that the ultimate attestation that we are God's precious TREASURES is the fact that God sent us His Only Begotten Son Jesus, our Redeemer, our Brother, so that in Him we may have the fullness of life, hope, and happiness in this life and in the life to come. He reminds us that we are temples of God, that we must respect one another, that we must serve all, especially the children who model the kingdom for us and the poor that Jesus loved and to whom he offered his kingdom. We honor and preserve the TREASURE of God in us by being faithful servants and true disciples of His Son.

May the RICH PEACE of God abide with you always

—Fr. Vicente